AGM – 2021

Dear London Boxing member,

These are very unprecedented times, which caused us to forgo our London AGM last summer. As a result, the executive council decided to steady the ship and continue for a fourth year in their current positions (we were due to vote and take applications for positions at last year’s AGM in accordance with our constitution).


Date: Sunday 27th June 2021 (Provisional date – allowing for government guidelines on meetings. If the date is moved, this notification stands as meeting the 21 day requirement for AGM notification)

Venue: Islington Boxing Club, 20 Hazellville Road, London, N19 3LP


11am start AGM with fixtures meeting to follow on.

In accordance with our constitution, we need to revisit roles/duties and open up the channels for new applicants; voting will take place at our AGM. I have attached an outline of skills and duties required for each position

Positions currently held by: 

  • Chairman x 1                                                    Lenny Hagland
  • Regional Secretary x 1                                     Terri Kelly
  • Treasurer x 1                                                    Tony Kennelly
  • Registrar x 1                                                     Reggie Hagland
  • Championship coordinator x 1                          Brian John
  • Disciplinary Panel x 1                                       Terry Gillam
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection Officer x 1     Danny O’Sullivan
  • EB Adjudicators x 5                                          Jumbo Basi, Terry Gillam, Keith Mills, David Tipler
  • Regional Head Coach x 1                                 Paul Strutt
  • Regional Squad Coaches x 6                           Jumbo Basi, Brian Smith, Preya Danecha, James Carter, Ruth Raper, Jerry Mitchel


Application letters attached and available to download. Please return to   by 13th June 2021

All applications MUST include a passport appropriate photograph

Who can vote:

All clubs affiliated to England Boxing for the new season 2021/2022 and who are paid members of London Boxing (having paid their regional affiliation fee £100 new clubs £50  renewing clubs) are eligible to vote. Each club that attends the meeting is entitled to two votes per club. Any club not in attendance but wishes to have a proxy vote, must put their request in writing to the London Boxing secretary by 13th June 2021. Only one proxy vote will be permitted per club.

Fixture Notes:

The fixtures meeting will follow the AGM.

At our last Executive meeting, the following was decided: U = Unanimous vote

U – As we are unaware of the number of officials returning and with the added pressure of running two championships, it was agreed that club shows could only begin after 6th Sept

U – Only one London show can be accommodated, whilst our regional championships are running.

U – We can only accommodate the maximum of two club shows only a day whilst National championships are running (subject to change).

U – At all other times only two shows can be accommodated on the same day outside of championships.

U – Clubs can put in a maximum of two shows between Sept and Dec and then after Xmas a maximum of three (five in total per club)

U – Dinner shows are given priority at all times

U – Once we know where we are and we are clear on the number of officials we have, it may be possible to request further shows on days that open up in our regional calendar. We will do our best to accommodate club requests but it is unprecedented times which now include double the number of championships to run; this inevitably impinges upon club events as our calendar (especially at weekends) is filled.

A draft of our London Championships calendar is attached; it is version 3 and subject to change. Please delete any other version you may have.

Show Request forms are also attached.

Motions at the AGM – These are matters of policy or concerns

Motions from our members must be put in writing, with a brief heading and summary and then sent to   by 13th June 2021


Any other questions, please do not hesitate to seek clarification –


Yours in Sport

Terri Kelly

London Boxing Secretary


Paperwork for information and applications below: 

Regional Chairman_LB_2021

Regional Championships_coordinator_LB_2021

Regional Disciplinary_lead_LB_2021

Regional EB Adjudicators LB_2021

Regional Head Coach_LB_2021

Regional Registrar_LB_2021

Regional Secretary_LB_2021

Regional Squad Coach_LB_2021

Regional treasurer_LB_2021



London Boxing -Role Application Form